Class Narrative #2

Maddie Williams, D Block, September 30th, 2013

Today in class we performed the skits we wrote in our groups, incorporating viewpoints into our scenes. In this activity, we had to write a short play that incorporated the theatre viewpoints into our scenes. We also had to incorporate a four-part movement into our characters. I think that the main point of this activity was to incorporate viewpoints into a scene, and learn how they are used practically in theatre. However, a secondary point of this activity is to teach us how to work with people in our class with whom we might not normally work with. The first group to go was Vanessa, Rose, and Stef's group. They performed in the atrium, and really used gesture and architecture in their scene. In their scene, Stef and Rose wore black, and seemed to be under the control of Vanessa, who wore greys and whites. Vanessa's character killed Rose's, and Stef's character ended up committing suicide. Their scene was really intense, and the fact that it was about Jews and Nazis in the Holocaust made it even more powerful. After their group, my group (me, John, Pat, and Livvy) went. Honestly, our scene sucked. John and I worked really hard to make the skit go well, and everything still went horribly. We tried so hard to get everything to flow well, and we put so much effort into the scene, but the other two groups were so much better than us, which was really disappointing. I was really upset afterwards, because we tried and our entire scene just didn't work. This might be because I was working with some people that I don't really enjoy working with. However, I did my best to just focus on the skit and not on my personal issues. One thing I can certainly work on, though, is pushing myself out of my comfort zone, especially when working with people I normally wouldn't work with. I have been doing that more in theatre this year. However, as the year goes on, I certainly believe that I will improve on this. I think that I did a better job at doing that in this project, which is why maybe a few aspects went well in the skit. The next group to go was Dan, Nina, Allegra, and Claire's. Their skit really focused on the viewpoint of shape. The scene focused on a group who were searching for water. Oh my god, the scene was so intense, and all the members of the group got so into their characters, it was actually kind of terrifying. I was so impressed with their skit, and I want to emulate their passion and work ethic in future theatre project. I felt I tried to be principled in this lesson. The whole skit was really difficult to do because I didn't really enjoy working with some of the people in my group, but I did my best to put aside the issues I have with them outside of the theatre class, and just get really into the scene.