Vietnam War

Who:United States

What:The Vietnam War was a war declared by Ho Chi Minh of Communist region North Vietnam.

When: 1955-1975

Where:Vietnamese Home Front

Why: To rid Vietnam of Communism and to reunited the two regions of North and South Vietnam.

Major Events: March 1959, Ho Chi Minh declares all-out war in order to reunite Vietnam under one rule.

                      August 1964,the Gulf of Tonaken Resolution is passed by the U.S. Congress after two U.S. Destroyers are attacked by the North Vietnamese allowing the U.S. to send armed forces to Vietnam.

                      March 8, 1965,the first official U.S. combat troops arrive in Vietnam U.S. also begins bombing campaign: Operation Rolling Thunder.

The result of the War: the U.S. was not successful and Vietnam was reunited under Communism. Much of the Vietnamese land was devastated and their way of life was fairly crippled by the war.

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