Jaliyah Janay Boyd

July 28

I am Jaliyah Boyd Im a 13 year old girl that used to live in Roanoke Rapids NC but now I live in Rocky Mount NC. I love my new school because i have friends that love and respect me. When I lived in Roanoke Rapids I went to William R. Davie Middle School & we didn't really have much at that school and we were really strict. Now that I go to Nash Rocky Mount Middle School I have a lot of friends but not that much family but my family does come up and see me sometimes or either I'll stay with them for a weekend. I have a huge family. Every time we have a family reunion it's like meeting new family member's. We have a new edition to our family this year I don't know his name yet but he was born on January 18,2014 and i love him to death.

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