Are All Hero's The Same?

    In the article "Surviving Hurricane Sandy", Matt shows his act of heroism by helping his neighbors get to higher ground. When doing this he risked his life to save others. His family also joined to help out. They were a helping family working to get everyone to safety in their community Rockaway. In the article "Love Triumphs 6-year-old Becomes a Hero to Band of Toddlers, Rescuers", Deamonte shows heroism in a different way by being a leader to 5 toddlers. Deamonte keeps up with 5 toddlers and made sure not one were to starve of hunger for the couple of days he had to look after them. By Deamonte doing this he shows that is responsible and can face anything even if he is only 6 years old. The message is that you are never to young to do what is the right thing. On the other hand you have the article "Bringing Hope to Sandy Survivors" which is Ariel helping people recover what they lost in the hurricane. She went international and even went to the White House to be recognized for her actions. You may ask yourself what do all these heros have in common and the answer is they all were brave to do something to impact someones life and not be rewarded for their actions.

This is a image of what Hurricane Sandy did to Rockaway, New York. Matt had to cross frigid water not able to see the debris because of the dark water. Not only did the hurricane do this damage but then fire broke out.  

Hurricane Katrina hit Baton Rouge, LA on August 23, 2005. The damages were bigger then what people thought it would be. Deamonte had to walk around ruble and take care of 5 toddlers from the ages 5 month - 3 years old.

Ariel helped recover what was lost in the Hurricane Sandy. She started a program that became international and was recognized for her actions. People all over the country  helped with what they could.

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