by:  devin  patrick    devin

                                            what Cherokee people do for fun

Cherokee people told stories of how the earth came to be.The Cherokees also played a game similar to lacrosse.                              how the Cherokee got weapons

                                             The Cherokees used stone tools to make weapons.

                                               what Cherokee people did for every day life

they had kids and they also had pet wolfs.and they also built their own houses out of mud, bark,and branches.they where also very good hunters.  What Cherokees people did on canoes                 they went fishing for cat fish and caught all different kinds of fish.

                                   Which Cherokee invented the alphabet

Sequoyah invented the alphabet.

                                                           who was the strongest tribe

the Cherokee people where the strongest tribe in north carolina of their time.

                                    what they did for the winter to keep them

they built a hot house to keep them hot and warm.

                          What Cherokees made their clothes  out of:

                            the Cherokees made their clothes out of  animal skin.



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