Liam Payne

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Liam Payne was born with health problems and a dysfunctional kidney. He lived the first four years of his life in and out of the hospital and had to get needles injected in the morning and in the evening. Only in 2012, when he was 19, did his kidney start functioning again.

Throughout school Liam was bullied and did not have many friends.

Liam was planning to become an Olympic runner; he ran every morning before school, and was working hard to meet his goal, but unfortunately he quite running at 14, when he failed to make a spot on his school's team. Although Liam was crushed, he then went on to pursue a music career.

When Liam was 14, he auditioned for X Factor. He got through auditions and through to the judges houses but was sadly eliminated. But that was not the end for his music; he worked very hard on his vocals and came back two years later in 2010, and made it through auditions. Liam was once again eliminated after boot camp, but the judges had other plans. They brought Liam back to be in a group, with 4 other boys. They were known as One Direction. They got many votes and made it through week after week. They got as far as the top three but fell short and finished their journey in third place.

That was not the last of One Direction. Their first album- released in the uk in 2011, and 2012 in America- got them internationally famous. One Directions first tour got sold out in just 12 minutes.

So far, One Direction has released three albums, had two tours, with a third in 2014, produced a movie, had global success and have earned millions of dollars. They are known as the world's biggest boyband.

Liam Payne persevered and he made it.

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