Richard Wayne Penniman

Little Richard was one of the 10 original inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He was honored by the Rhythm and Blues Foundation. He was a recipient of a Lifetime achievement award in 1993.

Little Richard was born in a family of twelve children. He was forced to move out of his family at the age of thirteen due to who he liked. He never had a good connection with his father and after he moved out they never connected again. He played the piano and he sang however the start of his career was unsuccessful. He later hooked up with Specialty Records and recorded many songs at the start of his amazing career. He didn't stop there and continued to record albums that became hits with singing, and playing a piano. He inspired the Beatles and also played in many films. Later in his life he stopped with Rock and Roll and started paying attention to religion in which he recorded his debut religious album "God is Real" in 1959.

Macon, Georgia is where Little Richard was born.

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