A Day in the life of a Vietnam student

My student's name is Bui Duy Binh. He is 11 years and in the fifth grade, and he lives with his mother,father, and younger brother. Bui Duy Binh lives in Ho Chi Minh Cuty, Vietnam.

                     Time to get up!

Five thirty a.m. is when Bui Duy Binh gets up, brushes his teeth and gets ready for school. His mother usually makes breakfast for him, but today they bought food from a street vendor which included: pho, and beef noodle soup. At 6:30 a.m. either his mother or father brings him to school on their motorcycle. It takes them 10 minutes to get to school on their motorcycle.


Every Monday, Bui Duy Binh starts off with a salute to Ho Chi Minh, their city is named in his honor. His picture hangs in almost every school house in Vietnam. After his salute him and his classmates sing songs that honor the country Vietnam.

                      After School

Bui Duy Binh gets home at noon and waters the plants on his families rooftop garden. When his mother gets home from work they eat lunch together. Afterward, Bui Duy Binh reads and takes a nap. At 3:00 p.m. He wake up and eat fruit or yogurt then start studying. Sometimes when I'm done studying I take a walk close to our neighborhood.

                        Dinner! Yum!

At 6:00 p.m. I help my mother prepare dinner. We are making tofu, chicken wings, fried squid, and French fries. After dinner, I go to my room and practice piano or draw. I also sometimes like to play with my little brother because he makes me laugh. When he is done playing with his brother he takes a shower then heads to bed.

                         morning Routine

I wake up at 6:30 a.m. and get ready for the day ahead. I usually eat a quick breakfast and chocolate milk every morning then I'm on my way to school. My mom takes me and my  little sister to school. When I get to school at 8 I start off my classes with math.

                         Afternoon Routine

When I get off the bus I start my homework if I have any. Then when i'm done with that I normally read or take a walk. After a few hours of free time I leave and go to tumbling practice. After practice I prepare for bed and go to sleep after a tiring day.

                Similarities and Differences

We have quite s few similarities and differences. One of our similarities includes we both walk around our neighborhood after school. We both have different sleeping schedules him waking up early and me waking up a bit later. Also he gets home around noon and I get home at 3:30. We also do free time activities after school.

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