Cocktails ‘n Canvas

         Enjoy Painting, Drinking And Socializing In Local Bars And Pubs In Ontario

If you love putting paint on canvas but have always felt a little nervous about how well you will be able to do that – an evening of painting and drinking with friends at a paint party in Ontario can truly bring out the dormant creative self of yours. This new way of socializing will allow you to go into a local bar or pub where a local artist will be guiding you step by step on how to recreate a painting that you have picked from Cocktails ‘n Canvas website. You will be spending two hours painting and drinking cocktails and at the end will be carrying whatever you painted back home. Pictures of paintings done by the participants are also taken and uploaded in social networking sites like Facebook the following morning. As all expenses are included this is proving to be an easy way for socializing that is rapidly gaining popularity lately.

Choose what you want to pay

This endeavor from Cocktails ‘n Canvas, blending virtual social networking with art classes in Ontario is unique as the website is really easy to use and there are also more than 150 different paintings for different nights and different venues. That means when you are going to put your paint brush on the canvas even after a couple of drinks you are never put to surprise and know well what you are actually going to do. Literally everyone can join these parties in Ontario, meeting new people and socializing while drinking and painting and people do actually keep coming back again and again as not only the nights and venues are different but there are also new people and new paintings for every one of them.

From an artist’s perspective

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced artist or going to paint for the first time since your school days, the local artists who will be guiding you are experienced enough to quickly gauge your capabilities and will guide you step by step teaching new techniques and that is surely going to be a wonderful experience. These types of art classes in Ontario are found to be very much popular among women who come here with husbands and boyfriends. The ultimate aim of the venture is to give people some good time and there are a number of bars and pubs in the Ontario area to choose from.

It is an entertainment service providing its clients painting classes in local eating and drinking venues and also offer a number of communication services like bulletin boards, chat areas, forums, news groups etc. and moreover the site also offers complete protection from pyramid type conversations, chain letters, spam and junk e-mails etc. Registered users are required to agree to certain terms and conditions regarding the communication services. Painting parties in Ontario are getting increasingly popular among people who love painting and by mixing it with socializing, Cocktails n’ Canvas has made it all the more interesting and entertaining for its clients. For more information and registration you can visit

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