Edmodo is a a website for students, teachers, and even their parents can communicate about school. some of the features of Edmodo are: edit your personal features, all your classes in one place, and many more. Benefits of Edmodo is that it gives you a way to communicate with your teachers and classmates through a computer screen. It helps if you are home and need help in homework.  

Remind is an application that provides the teacher to send text updates to the students and the parents to get reminders about things coming up in class. You can use this tool on mobile devices or on computers. This tool keeps the students up to date on whats going on in the classroom. is a website to make info-graphics. Info-graphics are are visual presentations. You can use on computers. There are backgrounds, props, and many other graphics to make the presentation presentable. some benefits of this tool is that it is a simple easier way to present information for free.  

Tackk is a website that allows you to easily create a website without running code. You an use the tool to make websites to share information. Benefits of this tool is that you can share information with the world.

Inquire & Analyze

Overview: We have to identify the situation that needs to be solved.

Usage: 1.Explain and justify the problem 2. Identify and prioritize primary and secondary sources 3. What products can help me fix my problem 4. Summarize your research

Examples: I'm hungry so I can go to the fridge and my mom can cook or she can take me to McDonalds.

Developing Ideas

Overview: Write a detailed specification that drives the development of the solution.

Usage: 1. What are the requirements for the solution to be successful 2. Come up with ideas that are realistic that others will understand 3. Which idea did you select and why 4.Develop accurate planning/drawings and outline the requirements

Example (2): I decided i want my mom to take me to McDonalds. I chose McDonalds because they have good food and it fills me up. We will need money and a car.

Creating The Solution

Overview: Write a step-by-step plan that will help you solve the problem

Usage: 1. Construct a plan 2. Do your best work 3. Justify any changes to the plan 4. Follow the plan 5. Present the solution

Example (3): In order to get some McDonalds, I will need to get in the car, drive to McDonalds, wait in the drive though line, and have my mom tell them my order and get my food


Overview:Do tests to evaluate the solution and test their success. Ask yourself "How can my experiment improved?" Explain how the solution will impact the audience.

Usage: 1. Create a test method to see if your product solution is good 2. Evaluate success of solution against design specifications 3. Explain how it could be improved 4. Explain the impact of the solution on the audience/client

Example (4): I should have went inside to get my food because it took too log in the drive thru.

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