Mythological story by Michael Geremia

Zeus and Poseidon are brothers. And you definitely know that brothers fight. This is the very weakness that will decide their fate

There was a woman, no one knew who she was or where she came from. They only knew that she was the most beautiful woman in all of Olympus. Of course, the two fearsome Greek gods starting arguing over who deserved this woman. The fighting started out verbal and then broke out into a huge battle. The two warriors started wrestling with each other. Poseidon was all done. When he stumbled to his feet, he ferociously pulled his sword. “Zeus, I deserve her!” said Poseidon. Zeus’s lightning bolt came slashing through the sky. This dual went on for 2 whole days. Poseidon finally slashed Zeus’s bolt away and put his sword to his throat.

In the blink of an eye Zeus took advantage of Poseidon being graceful and stabbed Poseidon right through his left rib. “Enough” shouted Zeus as he walked away. As he glared to the pink sky he heard a thud. He turned around only to see his brother lying dead on the ground. “No!” screamed Zeus, Thousands of thoughts raced through Zeus’s mind as if a million butterfly’s flickered into a hole. Zeus picked up his brother with his bare hands and carried him up the cold, barren marble steps to the palace. Zeus lied Poseidon down on his silk bed and began to cry. Meanwhile down on Earth all of the water drained completely from the Earth. Scientists were baffled and Wars broke out. The population Decreased dramatically due to the water shortage. Many thought that this was the end. Zeus fell into a very deep depression. He didn’t feel like going anywhere or doing anything.

Zeus suddenly felt a gust of hope and remembered that Poseidon gave him a bag of marbles that he found in battle that could support life. Zeus sprinted to his closet, shoved away his garments and picked the bag up and ran to Poseidon’s bed side. Zeus anxiously poured the marbles into his cold, clammy hands and spoke “Do not make Earth pay for my Wrong doings and bring my brother back to life.” In that exact moment his brother sat up and gave Zeus a hug. Immediately all of the water went back to their rightful spot in the lakes and oceans. Humanity as you know it was back to normal.

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