CARITAS By: Aliana

Congregations Around Richmond Involved to Assure Shelter


          As it is nearing the holiday season many people will not have a place to sleep or food in their tummy, CARITAS helps get people off of the streets when the weather gets cold.  CARITAS is the largest emergency shelter in Richmond, Virginia, sheltering up to 110 people per night most of them single women.  By doing this CARITAS is helping to end the cycle of homelessness in Richmond, Virginia.  CARITAS also offers programs like The Healing Place, which helps people get over addiction, and CARITAS Works, which helps people find jobs, so that they can get back on their feet.  Ikea has recently donated 10,000 dollars to CARITAS's The Healing Place so that the men and women at The Healing Place can feel more comfortable while they are getting treatment.  The Healing Place can now hold more people too, thanks to the improvements made by Ikea.  When a homeless person walks into a CARITAS building they don't just find a place to stay for a few nights, they find the tools they need to succeed and build a life for themselves.    CARITAS’s four programs help the homeless people in Richmond, Virginia to turn their lives around and lead stable productive lives.

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