ocean #ecosys4

biotic factors

1. sharks

2. jelly fish

3. sting rays

4. divers

5. coral

6. sea weed

7. sponges

8. cat fish

9. bass

10. sea shells

abiotic factors

1. salt water

2. rocks

3. temp

4. sunlight

5. sand

6. air

7. clouds

8. clay

9. trash

10. moisture

Carrying capacity- The carrying capacity is the amount of animals/organisms an ecosystem can contain without being overpopulated. All ecosystems need food, water, and shelter to sustain the needs of all the animals/organisms.  

this is the avg food web of an ocean

Limiting factor- a thing that prevents a population getting to big

For example sharks eat tuna but if tuna die out so will the Sharks because they don't have a good source

Energy rolls

Sharks- consumers

Tuna- consumers

Mackerel- consumers


Algae- producer



Food webs are more important than food chains because they show a larger selection of organisms and a larger variety of prey and predator relationships

If you remove one organism all other organism above it would eventually die out and the organisms below it will over populate the ecosystem


Is the chemical equation for photosynthesis

Water, air, and Carbon dioxide are needed to do this and it produces glucose

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2 years ago

I with this because the videos are very interesting

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i recommend that you add more pictures instead of so many videos😬

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i recommend that you put more pictures about the ecosystem not just sharks but good job

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I recommend that u put more photos

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i agree with all. good job

2 years ago

I still have a question about sunlight as an abiotic factor. Does the amount of sunlight have an effect on the types of organisms that live in this ecosystem?

2 years ago

I recomend that u are more specific

2 years ago

ok thanks for the tip @georgeroberts

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i like this because it gets right to the point. #ecosys4

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Do you have a plan to get this done by Friday? What have you been doing with the time I've been giving you in class to work on this?