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    "Heroine" is not even a word strong enough to describe her. We should be really proud because not only does she come from Montreal, but what she dedicated her life to and what she accomplished is beyond incredible. Born in Côtes-des- Neiges on January 30th 1929, she studied at the Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie during her high school years before attending the faculty of medicine of the University of Montreal faculty where they were only a few women. She became one of Quebec’s first female surgeon and she was first trained at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sainte-Justine.Back then, to succeed in a career as a woman was yet a big achievement. Even though she earned a medicine diploma, her employment was not guaranteed and she had to fight for it. When she applied for a job in the USA, she was turned down by approximately twenty hospitals. “Probably because I was a woman” she herself confessed.

   Never giving up, she worked in France, in Marseille instead. Fortunately, somebody acknowledged her talent and her will and gave this young ambitious woman, a golden opportunity: to work in Uganda. This Italian man, Piero Corti later became her husband and together they spent the rest of their lives saving thousands of people with some rudimentary equipment. The couple founded the St.Mary’s Lacor Hospital where they trained local doctors that later would carry on. The two doctors even operated people during the civil war under bad circumstances facing all kinds of threats. Were they crazy? Well, with her goal in mind and her infinite determination, nothing could stop her…

 Nothing, except, unfortunately, this terrible disease called AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Primarily, when we mention this disease, we talk about HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus infection). Once you contract it, it can be fatal. Indeed, this virus messes with the immune system which is the “army” of the body. Normal infections become dangerous because the immune system is weakened. There are several ways to transmit HIV: from sexual intercourses, needles, from a mother to her child and by contaminated blood. In fact, that’s how she got infected, while transfusing blood to a patient. Resigned to her faith, she died on August 1st, 1996. All of her life she fought the disease. She might have lost her own battle, but with what she created and left behind, she has not completely lost the war…

Her name is Lucille Teasdale...


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