Tori's Much Ado Summary


I cannot believe that Benedick even came back town. I wish he could have just stayed gone instead of coming back here. Hes caused so much trouble within myself i cannot bare to look at him. Prince Don Pedro wooed my cousin for Claudio and now Benedick wants to go around and act like hes never going to love anyone. I hate arguing with him in front of everyone! He is such an embarrassment to me and everyone else. Then now i  overhear hes in love with me? Why and when did this ever happen? Now that i think about it, i do not hate but i love the. I hope he loves me also so i can be with the one i love. I keep thinking this is a joke, but once more it is not. It came from my own cousins mouth. Once i got the news the Hero and Claudio are going to join hands in marriage I am completely overwhelmed with the feeling of love. Don John, the complete jerk brother of the prince has this secretive plan to ruin Hero's reputation because of jealousy. None knew, until the day of the wedding. Claudio stood in front of everyone and called my cousin a common stale in front of the whole town. All because of Margret sleeping with another man in Hero's room. That nasty thing i never knew that somebody could get so jealous to ruin someone else reputation. I'm devastated, broken and confused. How could my cousin do such a thing? I know shes innocent and if Benedick loves me as he says he will kill the man who ruined her reputation in front of everyone; Claudio. I'm weeping in sorrow and enraged with fury for Claudio. “O that I were a man for his sake! Or that I had any friend would be a man for my sake!” Leonato my uncle wished death upon his own daughter because of this man and if she is proven to not be guilty he will ruin the man who ruined her. To prove she isnt guilty we faked her death to see who would speak up and tell the truth. The day after the funeral Claudio was sent to be married and it was hero. Don John was found and was sent away and was going to be killed. I cannot believe a man would ever want to slander my cousin. She is so sweet and innocent. Then i hear my name being called from above the crowd and what do you know its Benedick my love forever. I told him i didn't love the and when i read the letter written from his own hands i couldn't help but to marry him and we lived happily ever after.

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