Background/prior knowledge

Shasta H

Scat by Carl Hiassen

Deals with Smoke an unruly and defiant student

Mean teacher who is actually saving panthers

Creepy stuffed wildlife in teacher's house

Reuniting the mom and baby panther

Everything is in the hands of the insecure head master

Deals with parents who want their average son to move up a grade

Deals with Nick's dad being blown up in the war but still surviving

Revolves around a budding friendship, the dissapearance of the meanest teacher, the mysterious and controlled wild fire, reuniting panthers

Mystery book

There is a hysterically mean substitute that loves singing :(

Deals with illegal oil drilling in a national park and idiotic oil people that are just extremely stupid, and don't have brains. If they do, then their brains are smaller than a pea.

Includes a mysterious rich person, who is also a wildlife conservationist, and pulls a bunch of really mean but funny pranks on the oil drillers

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