By Tyler Kelly

Computers,they’re something we use everyday,but not many people realise our dependence on computers.Without computers you would not be reading this right now seeing it is stored on google servers.And let’s say you wanted to go home early well no luck there seeing phones have computer chips in them as well,so do cars.Also seeing the national power grid is run on computers power would stop as well.

This is the Tianhe-2

Some fun computer facts:

Computers have 5 main types,ordered from least to most powerful:Tablet Computers,Laptops,Desktops,Servers and Supercomputers.Also there are technically Quantum Computers but they are very experimental and expensive.

Computer do billions of things a second these things are called flops or floating point operations,one of the fastest computers in the world,the Tianhe-2 can do 3,860,000,000,000,000 things at once,now thats multitasking like a boss!.

90% of the worlds digital information has been created in the last 2 years

It's Golden!

Computers store 92% of all the money on earth.

One of the most important people in creating computers was a nun

A gamer called Bradster has 36 accounts for one game and play them all on 11 different computer and he plays with himself.No this is not me...Sadly XD

Thanks for reading and get ready for the kahoot!