Case Studies
Case Analysis

As grad students (not princesses) we all tend to enter each course with a desire for perfection...

However, after the first case study it was evident that perfection would take more work, understanding, and experience...

I learned quickly to stay focused and revisit the information multiple times

and walk away from the analysis throughout the process.

This is how I felt during office hours.  I was trying to gain every bit of help I could glean from the questions discussed.  

Abby Carlin's case..... enough said?

When our group (2) turned in our project and I felt like I finally "got it" about connecting all of the pieces.... (McDonalds was one of a few places in town that had power and internet service the night our project was due, so I tried to contain myself when I hit submit in McDonald's dining area.)

Then there was Jack Waterkamp's case and I felt like this still...

How I think I will feel after turning everything in and spending time with family and friends....

My aspirations for ID expertise...

Final Thoughts

A great support network of friends in the class helped me feel less like Joey...

And some how bacon makes everything better.

Thank you everyone.  I enjoyed working and learning with all of you.  Thank you Dr. Tappler and Lisa Brown.  

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3 years ago

This us awesome, Beth! How cool and fun! Sure enjoyed learning with you!

3 years ago

Love it!!