In 2013, I got a new horse named Supernatural Charm! (Nemo)

This is a picture of Nemo and I. In this picture i have only had had him a few weeks. When he came, he was very unruly and challenging to ride. Now we are inseperable.

This is me riding Nemo in just a work bridle. I usually ride using the work bridle about half the time and the full bridle the other half. The full bridle is a bridle that consists of two different reins one is the snaffle which brings his head up and a curb rein which tucks his nose in, this is the bridle we use when showing. The work bridle is just a basic one reined bridle and we go half and half with the bridles to give their mouths a break.

Nemo and i just chillin' out. He is so sweet and adorable XD. He is very important to me and I just love him so much.

This is our daily routine :D After the few weeks we clicked. Now, every day we do silly things with each other. Sometimes I ride him bareback, or I ride him bareback while backwards, All stupid things nonetheless, especially if you know how Nemo is. I have taught him to "smile" which is where he sticks his lip up and eventually he will know more tricks as well.

This is on the day Nemo came. In just a matter of weeks he had transformed into practically a completely different horse. He gained weight and muscle, he was also not very good to ride now he is alot better, he gets better and better every day.

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