Ancient Egypt

by Brian Zhang

Stable Food Supply

Egypt relied on the Nile river for food and water. It provided fertile land for crops to grow. It would sometimes flood the land and it would make black mud, which is good for farming. The Egyptians called this the Gift of the Nile.They also used the water wheel and the river for an irrigation system.

The Egyptians had foods like fruits, vegetables, lamb, goats, and beer. The main food they ate was bread. They planted things like wheat and barley. The ancient Egyptians ate with there hands because they had no silverware. Without the Nile Egypt would be a desert.

Social Structure

The social pyramid show the social structure of Ancient Egypt. The people higher up the pyramid have a higher class and there are less people.

Ancient Egyptian Religion

The Egyptians believed in many gods. For example Anubis, Ra, Osiris, and Horus were some very important gods.

Anubis was the god of embalming and death. He looked like a dog. He was often painted on tombs because Egyptians believed that he also protected the dead. Anubis was also thought to embalm Osiris.

Ra was the god of creation and was believed to have created the world by the Egyptians. He appeared to look like a falcon with a sun on top of his head. The rising sun was a symbol of creation.

Every pharaoh was thought to become an Osiris when they died. They had a human appearance. Osiris was the god of the underworld.

Horus is the god of the sky. He looks like a falcon. Horus is the son of Osiris and Isis. This god is believed to give power to the pharaohs.

Religion was very important to the Egyptians. They believe that there is an afterlife. Because of this, they preserve bodies so they can be ready for it. Some of the steps they did to mummify the dead were to transport the body to Ibu, take out organs, clean the body with wine and spice, pack body with straw, and wrap body with linen fabric.

Religion strongly influenced the Egyptians. For example it effected the pharaohs power because they were believed to be gods themselves and that Horus gave them power. They were even thought to become Osiris's when they died.

System of Government

The form of government Egyptians had was monarchy. This means that Pharaohs ruled all of Egypt and that they were on top of the social pyramid. Everyone had to obey them. Government officials were the next highest class. Viziers were the ones who enforced the pharaohs commands.

There were lots of famous pharaohs like Hatshepsut, Khufu, Ramses II, and Senusret that accomplished many major achievements.

Hatshepsut was the first women pharaoh. When she was in rule,Egypt was very peaceful. Hatshepsut was able to build lots of temples and buildings like the Djeser Djeseru Temple. She also traded with foreign countries.

Khufu was the one who built the Great Pyramid of Giza. He arranged thousands of workers to build it. It took 20 years to construct.

Ramses II was a great military leader. He lead the Egyptian army against the Syrians, Libyans, Nubians, and the Hittites. He also even made peace with the Hittites. Ramses is also responsible for the Ramessuem and the Abu Simbel which is famous for the Giant statue of Ramses.

Senusret was famous for building religious structures. He also improved temples, monuments, and shrines too. Senusret built the White Chapel. It was made of alabaster and was thought to be covered with a layer of gold.

The Egyptian Arts

A lot of the art made by the Egyptians had to do with their religion. Their tombs for example were filled with paintings and sculptures. This is because they were thought to help the dead in the afterlife. Reliefs and Sculptures are usually found on walls. The Egyptians mostly used the colors blue, black, red, green, and gold in their art.

Advances in Technology

The Egyptians also invented many things to make their lives easier. They made papyrus for writing, medicine to cure diseases, number systems, and even toothpaste because it helped the bread grit in their teeth. All of these inventions shows how they used technology and their inventions to help make their lives easier.

Egyptian Writing

The Egyptian form of writing is called hieroglyphics. This means "sacred drawings". They are simple pictures of objects to represent words or sounds.
They also used tools to write hieroglyphics. Egyptians used sharp reeds as pens, and had papyrus placed on stone or wood tablets to write on. The tablets included things like ink containers.
Today we can still understand the Egyptian form of writing. This is because of the Rosetta stone. In 1799 French soldiers discovered it. It had three scripts of writing, Hieroglyphics, Greek, and demonic. One of them which was Greek was still understood. We used the Rosetta stone to translate the meaning of the Hieroglyphics.

Connection 1

This picture relates to my life because I also enjoy drawing and art.

Connection 2

I can relate with this picture because I am trying to learn to write Chinese and I also have to memorize different symbols.

Connection 3

I can relate to having a stable food supply because my parents work hard to provide me it.

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