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5 Great Apps for Junior and Senior High School Social Studies Classes & Beyond

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Atlas by Collins

This app calls itself the "greatest app on Earth" and it is indeed pretty comprehensive. There are 7 different "globes" to explore once you have purchased the full version of this app - a satellite map, physical maps, political maps, environment, population, communications, and energy. This app allows for sharing interesting maps and information via social media and email. This app makes it possible to research in-depth, country profiles for every nation on Earth. As well, you can discover over 200,000 cities, towns and natural landmarks.

Today in History

This is a fun app to encourage discussion about certain important historical events. The historical event which took place on a certain day may not correspond to the current lesson being taught, however, there may be time to discuss the event that did take place and the stories and meaning around such an event. I would like to use this type of app in my classroom to engage students who may not be very excited about learning about historical events.


This is an absolutely fantastic app which can be used in elementary classrooms, university classrooms, and all in between. Watch 2000 documentaries, animations, and feature films for free. Educational films are a great way to engage critical thinking and discussion in the classroom and there are several within this app which would do just that. I have had this app on my phone for over a year and have loved it. It works well and is very entertaining.


There are very few apps which contain First Nations, Metis and Inuit content but this is a particularly valuable app which both teachers and students can put to good use. Language is a very important aspect of Aboriginal culture and the Cree language is the predominant language in Treaty 6 territory, in with Edmonton is situated in. Learning Cree words and phrases is an important skill to embrace if you are working in a school with Cree students. In a Social Studies class, history of Cree people can be investigated and a language is closely associated with history. Personally speaking, I would like to use this app in the future to assist myself in learning some Cree language. I would like to be able to communicate, if even minimally, with Cree students and parents in order to create a good relationship.

Wiki Encyclopedia Offline

Wikipedia can be a great starting point to go to when beginning to research a topic. This app has a search engine, displays a search history, and also has a bookmark function to link to the articles that you have viewed. This app also has font size adjustment which may be useful depending on the device you are using.

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