Tropical Rainforest

Temperature- The temperature in a rain forest normally doesn't get higher than 93 °F. It rarely drops below 68 °F.  This is due to how wet the forest always is. The ground receives little sunlight.

Precipitation- Average humidity is between 77 and 88%. Rainfall is often more than 100 inches a year. There is usually a brief season of less rain. In areas where monsoons occur, there is a really dry season.

Plants and Vegetation- There are four layers of the rainforest. From top to bottom here are the layers of the rainforest.
Emergent trees are 100-240 feet tall.

Upper canopies are 60-130 feet tall.

The understory or lower canopy consists of trees 60 feet tall.

And last is the forest floor which is usually shaded.

With over 80 inches of rain per year, plants have made adaptations that helps them shed water off their leaves quickly so the branches don't get weighed down and break. There are over 2,500 species of vines and plants.

Animals and Wildlife- There are more species of animals along the Amazon River than any other place on earth. The animals have adapted to the environment such as, sharp colors, a high fruit diet, and louder vocalization. There are 50-100 different species of animals every 2.5 acres (1 hector). Most animals travel in pacts of 4-10.

Facts- Almost half of all known species of plants and animals live in the tropical rainforest.
Rainforests provide people with many spices such as vanilla, allspice, and black pepper. Most people move here to farm spices. The forest floor has 1 inch of rain on it every day and gets up to two feet.

Narrative- If I was in the tropical rainforest I would survive by making a weapon, shelter, and fire. I woulf build a shelter by making a tepee with bamboo. I would make a hole at the top so smoke could  exit. I would eat fruit for food and maggots. I would find a hard stick and sharpen it to make a weapon. I would find water and boil it inside a piece of bamboo to sanitize it. And if I could give you three tips they would be. Watch we're you step, don't touch bright colored frogs, and wear pants when you take a bath.

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