Inferences are smart guesses with evidence from the topic.
A man with a briefcase. You can infer that this man is suspicious.
A person who is saying a sad poem. You can infer that the poet is sad. Lastly, A man who lost a bowling game and is yelling, You can infer the man is mad.
Each of the inferences below was from Google!
What can you infer about what the teacher is doing? I can infer that the teacher is teaching about inferences. This is based upon the fact that the kids are interested in what the teacher is doing.
What might the archaeologist be searching for? Make 1 inference. He is searching for prehistoric animal tracks. This is based upon the fact that the man is shocked when he sees a footprint.
What can you infer when a person is riding a water slide?
You can infer the kid is having fun because he is smiling. This is based upon the fact the kid has his arms out.
A video of inferences is below the pictures.

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