Juan PerĂ³n

By Luca Zimmermann

Juan Peron was born October, 8, 1895 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He managed his way through high school and joined the military at the age of 16, where he quickly moved up the the rank of an officer. He was a good boxer in the military, which shows his ruthless character that killed many innocent people later on. He was in Italy during World War II to report of the rise of the Fascists and Nazis. After he returned to Argentina he moved up and became a colonel. In 1943 he engineered the coup that overthrew the government of Argentina and one year later he was announced vice president shortly after he became minister of war. A rebel army  overthrew the government again and Peron was ousted and in custody, but reinstalled after his people rioted. He was elected president of Argentina in 1945 by 56 percent of the votes. In his first term, Peron improved Argentina's economy by nationalizing banks as well as building more infrastructure such as hospitals, railroads, schools etc. He also paid foreign debts and increased the minimum wage. After the death of his wife, who was well liked by the people, he acted more ruthless and forbid all other parties and became the dictator of Argentina. Due to economical crashes Peron lost support of his people and after he tried to separate church and government he was overthrown and fled to Paraguay and later Spain. He came back in the early 70s and was reelected in 1973. In his second presidency a outbreak of a dangerous foot-to-mouth disease destroyed the country and so the beef industry. Peron died on July, 1, 1975 and his wife became president.

This video shows how much support Peron had from the people of his country. He is waving to hundrets of thousands on his presidential plaza. Peron and his wife were well liked and very popular in the population of Argentina. After Peron forbid other parties and tried to separate the church his popularity shrunk and he had to flee out of the country.


Today I was at the presidential plaza and saw our great leader Juan Peron. His speech was fantastic and he made me feel spacial. He talked about our great economy and that we are all part of it. I will work harder when i go back on my fields and try to help our country to get even better. I support my great leader Juan Peron.

Why can you consider Juan Peron as a dictator of Argentina?

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