Road to civil war

Caroline and Anne-hunter

Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny was the popular belief the Americans in the 19th-century were destined to expand and settle throughout the North American continent.  This caused Northerners and Southerners to move westward, taking everything with them, including slaves.

Fugitive Slave Law of 1850

Part of the Compromise of 1850 between the Northern and Southern states. It stated that fugitive slaves may be arrested and returned to their owners. This created a fear of "slavocracy" and a "slave power conspiracy" in the North. This strained relationships with abolitionists and freed blacks in the North with people in the South.

"Uncle Tom's Cabin": the Significance

Published in 1852 by , it raised a moral issue of slavery in the North and the South. Abraham Lincoln called it the "single-handed cause of the Civil War".

The Kansas and Nebraska Act

1854, created Kansas and Nebraska and repealed the Missouri Compromise. This act was passed to create the first midwestern Transcontinental Railroad system. Voters from the North and South both moved to Kansas and slavery was voted on, with large amounts of pro- and anti-slavery advocates.

Reform Movements

There were many reform movements in the mid-1800s, involving women's rights, abolition, temperance, and education. Many parents wanted education to be made more available for children everywhere. Southerners did not believe in educating daughters, except enough for them to educate their sons about liberty and freedom. Temperance was a moral movement against public drunkenness and encouraged a limit on alcohol intake. Women's right movements were caused by the extreme changes going on in the world, which encouraged new roles for women and the beginning of a gender equality movement that still goes on today. Anti-slavery was especially strong in New England and the movement was not successful in the South but was successfully attacked in the North.

Dred Scott Decision

An important case in which African-Americans were not American citizens and could not hold a position in court or sue. This upset many freed blacks in the North.

Transcontinental Railroad

Connected settled and unsettled areas to send supplies, etc. Nearly everyone supported the idea and it created many jobs for Americans, immigrants and freed blacks.

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