Into the Garage: Lighting

Summertime is on the horizon, and it’s time to think about getting on some trip.

I prefer exploring the world on my own old Grand Cherokee (1993) and each year I tend to replace/repair something in it. This year I finally got my hands on lighting, which wasn’t touched since I bought it almost 15 years ago. It became too bleak, and I also had a minor overheating issue, so changes were inevitable.

I’ve decided to finally switch to modern LED technologies (Recently tried replacing bulbs with LED lighting at home, and liked it). I went with Sylvania headlight bulb for much cooler white light than normal halogen yellowish light. Installation is very simple and shouldn’t be a hassle at all. The biggest win for me is a price. Comparing to HID kits and H4 bulbs are pretty expensive and HID kits are even illegal to use in my state unless you’re offroad.

Can’t wait to have another family trip and test it in some real wilderness, but regarding the regular daily drive, I can clearly see the difference of my upgrade and would recommend any driver to go with LED sealed beam bulbs.