Why Dewatering Might Be Required Before Construction Begins

Sometimes when the plan is to build up, construction must actually begin by building below. When this is the case, drilling companies that specialize in dewatering techniques may very well be among the first professionals called out to get construction under way.

Dewatering is often required when soil stability issues are a concern, erosion is an issue or a high water table makes stable building problematic. This process involves the excavation of land and the removal of water and mucky soil so a firmer foundation can be put in place. When the water level is especially problematic, such as in the construction of bridges, for example, caissons may be used to assist with the process. These water tight chambers allow stabilization work to occur underwater so what is eventually built above will have the support required to stand the test of time.

A drilling company that specializes in dewatering and its related construction projects may be called in under these circumstances:

  • When land is swampy or mucky – Dewatering and other soil stabilization techniques can be used by drilling companies to ensure a firmer foundation on which to build. Depending on the exact construction and the condition of the land, retaining walls and other above ground measures may also be taken. The primary goal of a drilling company in this case is to stabilize the ground so any above ground structures have firm land upon which to sit.
  • When seawalls are required – Helping prevent flooding issues on a property that sits lakeside, for example, might require the construction of seawalls that actually sit in the water. To ensure stable construction, dewatering techniques may be used.
  • When soil erosion is a concern – When soil erosion along is a problem, drilling companies may be required to come in and perform a variety of work to help stop the loss while ensuring future safety and stability. Dewatering may be required, depending on the nature of the erosion.
  • When construction is taking place above water – To build on water, such as for a pier structure or bridge, the actual work must start below the surface. This is where experts at dewatering and building with the use of caissons can be especially important.

When safety and stability are must for a construction project the work must often begin below ground or below water. If that’s the case, a drilling company with expertise in dewatering may very likely be the first on the scene.

About the Company:

DMI Drilling Construction is an expert in handling dewatering to ensure stable construction that follows. Serving the Washington state area since the 1990's, the company has the expertise required to help clients gain the stable ground they need for future building success.