by Memo Santos and Sergio Tarango

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

"I came, I saw, I conquered."

Pledge to the Flag

Our Flag's Meaning

The black on the flag symbolizes the darkness of our enemies as well as the evilness that possesses our surrounding world.

However, the white portrays the purity of Sixland as well the honesty and fullhearted devotion towards our great 6 God. It symbolizes the holiness of our sacred land, and land that we are yet to obtain.

Views from the 6

Views from the 6






We have a single purpose for the creation of this country to expand the OVO Fam and gain absolute power of everything as the 6 God leads each and everyone of us towards the golden era.


In order to be a citizen of this particular country you must be full heartedly devoted to the OVO Committee as well as love no one other than the 6 God. You must die and be reborn with the purpose of your life being to serve the committee and above all 6 God. Once reborn in this country you will be considered a WOE, being an abbreviation that stands for Working On Excellence. This implies that each WOE is working together in order to provide excellence for the country that we love. You must be prepared to do everything the Committee asks of you and you must serve your country in each way possible, you live to serve 6 God not yourself.


The OVO Committee and the 6 God will run this country through a totalitarian style government. We will take care of all problems and you will never feel any type of pain as long as you contribute to the Committee. Those who have different ideals to that of the party will be expelled from the OVO Fam and sent off to Marvin’s Room where they will experience true pain.


The government has one main responsibility, enhance the OVO Fam towards its highest point. We want to ensure our people are improving every single day, and inevitably becoming the strongest civilization that has ever set foot on this universe. The OVO Committee will promise each citizen ultimate health, great knowledge, security, and above all wisdom and triumph. As a WOE you have two simple responsibilities one, follow The OVO Committees laws, and above all love the 6 God.


  1. Thou shalt truly love 6 God and he will protect you.
  2. Total loyalty to the OVO committee will assure a great life.
  3. Citizens will be protected by the Personality Keepers, our army who defends Sixland.
  4. Breaking of the law will be punished in Marvins Room.
  5. Thou shall not cross boundaries of Sixland.
  6. You will release children after the age of 5.
  7. Anything against the Views from the 6 should be reported to the Personality Keepers.
  8. One shall feel no attraction towards your fellow WOE’s, and excitement and happiness will be felt only towards the Committee.
  9. You will be Released into 6 God’s Heaven at the age of 50 where he’ll welcome you himself.
  10. You shall feel hate against any enemy of Sixland that threatens our society’s peace, morals, and love towards the 6 God.


The principles of the 6 God were taught by himself to our long gone ancestors. They decided that the future OVO generation needed the six guided pillars which are

  1. Love towards the 6 God.
  2. Loyalty to the OVO Committee.
  3. Hustle towards domain.
  4. Hate towards the 6 God’s enemies.
  5. Sacrifice for the Sixland.
  6. Application to the Views from the Six.

Children will go to school starting at the age of 5, and continue so until 16. The same teacher will be assigned to them the whole time, and later on they will be sent to their duties assigned to them based on their stronger attributes. Once in their assigned duties, personnel will train these releases to be successful and WOE.


The OVO family or “fam” is guided by our 6 God, whose identity we adore, and his hands are clapped which is the proud emblem in our flag. His hands are clapped together showing us how to show our support to our 6 God.


Our creator and our God, is called the 6 God.

6 God, Our Savior

Characteristics & Abilities

He is our holy God. He created the world we live in, in a spam of six days. He has absolute knowledge of the world therefore we obey his every command. He sees everything you do and has only intentions of good. He works miracles and manages a good lifestyle for his true followers. He controls the Personality Keepers as well as manages all decisions taken by the Committee.

6 God's Story

In the beginning of time there was 6 God. He’s the origin of all we know, everything and anything lives to serve the great God. He came alone, however he knew that in order to conquer the universe he would need disciples. Therefore the OVO Committee was founded, along with its councilmen. Together they founded our great land, Sixland.

However, it wasn’t always easy for 6 God. Even though he is a God he was so stupendously intelligent that he was aware that in order to be a great leader he would have to feel pain. He had this ideology due to the fact that if he didn’t feel the pain of humans he’d never be able to help him. Therefore, he was sent from 6 God Heaven at a young age. Before he could create he had to learn how to survive. It took 6 God exactly 66 days to grow into the man he is today, he never ages he’ll always be the perfect age. During the spam of 66 days he underwent every single hardship one as a human could ever imagine including starvation, isolation, depression, and worst of all heartbreak. Despite him being the only human alive in these times, story says that when he came to earth he had left behind a very special women to him named Marvin which completely devastated him and showed him true pain, and that’s the reason why he doesn’t allow love between one another in order for us not to feel such horrid pain. Though, after the 66 days of maturation and hardships he began to create what we now today as Sixland. Our great God created our sacred land in just 6 days.

On the first day he created the oceans and the mountains. On the second day he created the trees and the grass and all the pioneer species. On the third day he created the weather. He rested the fourth day. On the fifth day he created all the animals we know today. Finally on the sixth day he created men, which he then hand chose his committee members.

Today he remains our only God for he is immortal and we will always adore him.

For the WOE's

The Land of the 6

Veni Vedi Vici ah!

Veni Vedi Vici ah!

We running through the city with the OVO squad

Always doing things for our one and only God

Living the life he designed for us

Because we know that in him we can safely trust

Always down for salvation

Never fearing starvation

Will do anything to protect the Sixland nation

Our land will never suffer devastation

Veni Vedi Vici ah!

Veni Vedi Vici ah!

Working on excellence

thats what we’ll do

to make sure all our goals do come true

Love to the 6 God

Love to the 6 God

Our team so good we don't really need a mascot

So many planets we envision conquering

you'll really never see us wandering

cause our 6 god we’ll always be honoring

Veni Vidi Vici ah!

Veni Vidi Vici ah!

Marvin's Room

Marvin’s room is a unique and innovative technique we use in Sixland in order to alters peoples believes as well as wrong ideologies and liberate them from the persecution and humiliation of being different. Marvin’s Room is not an evil solution; it’s a healer and a problem solver in order to move forward together as a country. We can only go as far as our WOE’s intent. Our only desire with each individual given to us is to transform them into perfect citizen’s in order to payback our great leader with pure lives that are to be sent to him. The reason behind the name itself is a pretty amusing story to say the least.

As you may have read in 6 God’s story he had a lover named Marvin which he had to leave in 6 God Heaven in order to save us from our misery. Marvin was to be described as his only true love, and the pain she left him is indescribable according to him. Love, does not exist. It is only value or acceptance towards each other. Love is a myth. Our 6 God has demolished the idea of the worlds greatest pain with love, because he suffered and went through it alone. He survived, and was so thoughtful of his children that he vanished the idea of it so no one in the world can go through it.

The 6 God feels his story with Marvin all over again when an OVO fam member is too blind to see the true actions of appreciation towards Sixland. Marvin's Room is a therapy provided and designed by the 6 God to help those to see his actions, understand his given ideas, and live the right way indicated by him. In our 6 God we trust, and Marvin's Room is the biggest honor a WOE can get to come to the closest idea of the one and only truth.

Propaganda Video

Extra Credit: Mixtape Anthem