Maarky Thermal Systems

Meeting the Needs of Power Plants

About Maarky Thermal Systems

Serving the needs of power plant customers, Maarky Thermal Systems offers advanced heat transfer solutions. The firm’s range of equipment includes feedwater heaters, heat exchangers and steam surface condensers. In-house engineers design systems that set the standards for quality and performance and are reliable through extended use. Maarky Thermal Systems also provides clients with comprehensive consulting and on-site services.

Maarky’s steam surface condensers come in a wide variety of configurations that can be deployed in power plants with outputs rannging from 10 to 1000 MW. Condensers are customized to specific client needs in ways that meet the highest standards of thermal efficiency. Special attention is paid to attention is paid performance in bypass opeartion. Safe and reliable operation during bypass operation is critical to the proper functioning of combined cycle plants.

The company is led by it's President Dr. Ranga Nadig, who earned his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from University of Utah’s College of Engineering. He oversees all aspects of operations of the New Jersey firm across business units and has several publications and patents to his name.

Feedwater Heaters Promote Thermal Efficiency in Power Plants

Led by president Ranga Nadig, Maarky Thermal Systems provides heat transfer systems to clients around the globe. Among other solutions, Maarky Thermal Systems offers high-, intermediate-, and low-pressure feedwater heaters for power industry applications. Feedwater heaters heat water before delivering it to a steam boiler.

In power plants, feedwater heaters serve several purposes. First, they make the steam cycle efficient by raising the initial temperature of water delivered to the boiler, so less heat addition must occur in the boiler. In addition, they promote efficiency gains by decreasing heat rejected by condensers. Maarky’s feedwater heaters are available in various configurations, including horizontal and vertical alignments and channel-up or channel-down designs.

The firm’s feedwater heaters are available with one, two or three zones, depending on specific client needs. All feedwater heaters have a condensing zone, where steam condenses. Feedwater heaters may have a subcooling zone for cooling condensed steam and a de-superheating zone, where incoming steam heats the feedwater leaving the heater. The company’s feedwater heaters also include features to eliminate flow-induced vibration.