Macau Merchant

Macau's Merchants for awhile had the head of trade with the Europeans, the merchants and trade prospered from the time Portuguese landed in Macau to around to 1750. After that time however the downfall of Macau's trade became inevitable and Hong Kong became the new main trade port.

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Life for a merchant anywhere was hard, but for a merchant in Macau it can be considered even more difficult. Europeans have come into their town and are not the type of people that would be considered good to trade with.However they saw Macau as the ideal place to set up a trade port. The merchants in Macau decided to trade with them, for the item they offered that the Chinese found of value was mainly silver. The Europeans silver was traded for Chinese silk and spices. The silver that was traded however came from the early Americas. The silver was mined, then either went back to Portugal or to China for trade. However the trade that was made usually resulted in the Europeans losing there silver. Considering silver is an item that is limited, unlike crops and plants (that also grew in the Americas). Once the silver was traded it was almost impossible to get back.

Macau- Named after A-ma-gao also know as a Chinese goddess who had a lot to do with fishing and sea travels.

Fun Fact about Macau: Macau was also the center for Jesuit Priest and would continue to be for a very long time. This picture above is of the Saint Paul's Cathedral in Macau China. This religion was brought from Europe and had a major impact on the village.

Hong Kong later became the main port of European trade. It was the outcome of the First Opium British war. This war cause Hong Kong to be conquered by the British therefore converting it into a major trade port, while resulting in a major downfall Macau's economy.

This is a map of Macau China. Macau was the first place to consist of settlers from the West. Before Jorge Alvarez landed in the small village, Macau was a fishing port. Which soon became the main port for European trade, as stated before soon after Hong Kong later became the main port for all European trades. This map shows both Hong Kong and Macau.