Discover The Machining Metal's Working Principle

As one of the many industrial manufacturing processes, machining metal stands for cutting a metal to a certain size and shape, and all of that is performed by a variety of different and specific tools for machining.

Besides the metal, this process can apply to another type of materials, such as plastic, wood, ceramic and composites. Let's explore the types of machining metal operations:

  • Turning - The material is rotating while a tool is removing material from it;
  • Drilling - The material is static while a rotating tool is making a round hole on its surface;
  • Milling (Peripheral & Face) - The main purpose of these two types of milling is to create a plan and straight surface;

The machining metal process is quite important because its suited for different types of materials, it can work with a high-precision while creating a variety of shapes, holes, screw threads, etc.

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