Wonder Project by Macy

Character's Tie to Theme

I think the theme is sadness. The reason I think the theme is sadness is,because August is very sad acting sometimes in the story. I think sad had the biggest impact on him. The reason why it had the biggest impact on him is, cause it just made him a whole lot stronger not only in school, but life.The reason why he is sad is, because people are really mean to him, and he does not have very many friends in life, and no one really cares for him. He learned at the end that he can overcome sadness when people are kind to him. The reason people are mean to him is, because his face is deformed.

Character Influences

The character that had the biggest on August was Jack. The reason was, because he was August's friend the whole time even during the bad times and the good times. When ever he said Mr. Tushmen told me to be his friend and August heard him he just said that, because he was hanging around Julian so he said that, but he did not mean it at all. So Jack has always stood by August and helped him. My character August had the

Art Representation