Wonder Character in the Spotlight:
August:by Maddox

Character`s Tie to Theme

The thing that impacts August most is the way people react to his face because every time some thing happens to him is because of his face like when he got in a fight with Eddy. This leads to the theme of excepting your self because he learned that he has to live with his face.

Character Influences

Via impacts August most and I also think that he impacted Via most.  Via impacts August by telling what normal people would do and what normal people would think.  August impacts Via by just being him self and by that it teaches her responsableaty.  There relatinship is important because they boath teach each other important things in life.

Art Repersentation

This is the Starry Night. It was made by Vincent van Gogh. This represents August because the mountain is lonely and the stars are hope.

Maddox Video Reaction