By: Madison Currey

The Capital of Panama is Panama City, and they use the type of money called Panamanian Balboa.

Panama is by Costa Rica and Colobuia.

Panama has 3,864,170 people.

Top 3 attractions in the Panama country are the Playa Las Lajas which is a big and beautiful beach there, Panama Canal is the  world’s greatest feats of engineering. People  can take either a partial or complete crossing of the canal. Another top attraction is Bocas Town which is a popular spot for scuba divers.

Some popular food in Panama are rice, beans, chicken, pork, and fish. Some popular drinks are papaya juice and coconut juice.

Some expressions are, to cul- all good. ella me esta blazeando- she is bothering/annoying me. Blanco- cigarette. Gallo- cheap

The weather in Panama is hot and rainy months May thru January and it's dry months January thru May.

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