My Rockin' Summer


Estes Park at night.

This summer I went to Estes Park, Colorado. This is a small city on top of a mountain. On my trip to this majestic place we did a ton of never-to-be-forgotten things. some of the things we did was we went on a trolley to the top of a small mountain to feed all the little chipmunks in top since that is where they are safely kept. Another thing we did was we went to a small amusement park where they had go-karts, 75 ft tall slides, a bunji jump, and zip line, Some other things we would do is shopping, go to festivals, look at the BEAUTIFUL mountains, and fished. We stayed here for a month, and boy did I wish it never ended.

summer- calvin harris

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Audra S. 3 years ago

awesome! :D

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