Wonder Character in the Spotlight: August

character"s tie to theme !   

I think that august influences the characters because he makes them realize  to not make fun of anyone especially August . I have and exsample of when jack said don't make fun of his face! that toght the bullys a lesson (the bully's were julin )! My character also influences summer because after August comes to summers school summer has a new friend. But I think August influences Via the most because he tells her that she should do the play and that he would love to see her.  

character influences

Summer influences my character because in the beginning of the story August cared when people made fun of his face . By the end of the book August does not care if people make fun of him(Julian was one of the main bullies). Julian also influences my character because he is mean to my character. He influences my character because he is mean to my character. This influences my character because when Julian is mean to August it makes him feel more gentle. But at the end of the story August realizes that its ok if some people don't like him.

Art Representation

My picture represents when...    

I think my picture represents when Aggie was thinking about when Daisy. There for I think this represents when Daisy died because Aggie was thinking that she was in a magical place. I think this is where daisy was thinking she was. It made August happy to think she was in this magical place so that's what he thought of .