Talking with Timelines

Copyright Friendly Image Sources


Design and interactive timeline that included images, videos, audio, and text files. Teachers can add a quiz as a quick assessment to help students check for understanding, and everyone has access to comment and discuss each timeline.

Google Tour Builder

Take the elements of Google Earth we love and combine them with a slideshow to create a personal tour/timeline of just about anything anywhere. Add your dates, important details, videos or images to create a virtual tour.


Timeline layered on a Google map. Add images, videos, tags, and links to events. Synchronously collaborate with others on same project. Must upload using saved image FILES or YouTube URLs.  Plays like a video when finished. Comments from others can be allowed.

Tiki Toki

Interactive multimedia timeline. Add images, videos/audio, links and color-coded categories to events. Must upload using media URLs  with licenses to reuse. Can create only ONE timeline with free version.

Time Toast

Simpler timeline. Add text, images, and links to events. Can add event time span. View events in timeline view or list. Must upload using saved IMAGE files. Free version has ads.


Interactive multimedia timeline. Add images, videos, music/audio, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files to events. Multiple content can be added to each event to create a "stack."