Maggie Driggs


Three aspects of Mesopotamia society was ...

1. Things they created.

2. How they did things of all people.

3. How they traded and used items.

Mesopotamia was more advanced because they created the laws and they created the wheel, first system of writing, and they first started using medicine. They had advancement in trading weapons and food. They treated slaves very poor. They didn't care about no on but the wealthy rich, special people. They formed the first system of writing and the people that were writers were called scribes. They had a system called eragation of canals and dikes to control water. Priest people who formed religious ceremonies.

Developing of cites.

a king is a way to develop cities. But most people lived in the country.. Sargon had the first army. He was a monarch. A monarch is a ruler of a kingdom or empire.

Mesopotamia was advanced because...

They where the first system of writing, they formed religious ceremonies. Mesopotamia had a canal also, it was a human made water way. They had group set up for farming, and they made the first wheel. The wheel was a horse drawn cart that was used transportation.

Mesopotamia's achievements

This is the Chariot- A wheel horse drawn cart used in battle.
The map of Mesopotamia.