Maggie Capwill

My full name is Maggie Lynn Capwill, I was born in Erie and raised in Girard PA. I'm a very social and outgoing girl. I love hanging out with friends and doing adventurous things. I love sports. Netflix, food, and sleep are my life. The person I look up to in life is my sister Rachel. I also have two bestfriends Jacy, and Zack!  

Sour Patch Kids


Sour Patch Kids are the best candy in the world. I always get the 1.9 pound bags like the picture above. My favorite colors of them are blue, red, and green. My least favorite colors of them are yellow, and orange! If you wanna win my heart, get me all things sour patch kids(; <3

Volleyball is my passion. Theres something about this sport that makes me want to keep playing. I played many sports in grade school, but volleyball is just one I can't seem to let go of. I played in 7th and 8th grade, I'm planning to tryout again when I start to get my grades up. I miss being on the floor and getting that rush of adrenaline before every game. Volleyball is my life. <3


Netflix is the greatest invention ever. I loooovveee to sit down and relax & snuggle up to a good movie! Netflix has so many movies to pick from, and they are already categorized. My favorite shows on Netflix would have to be Greys Anatomy.  I enjoy watching documentary's to learn more about certain things.  They also have the max from Netflix, which is many little games that are put together to help find a movie of your interest. Sometimes you discover some really good movies. I watched a movie with my sister yesterday called Jamsey Boy, it had to be the best movie I had ever watched hands down.


Goal 1) My first goal I have is to pay attention in school, study harder, and get better grades.

Goal 2) My second goal I have is to go onto collage to either become a psychologist, therapist, or detective.

Goal 3) To get a car, a house, my own family, and a good paying job.

Paris France & Sicily Italy

Two places I've always wanted to visit and will one day, are Sicily, Italy. And Paris, France. These two cities are gorgeous, full of fun and adventure. I'd love to just get lost in these cities one day. The sights are breathtakingly beautiful. One day I hope to move to Sicily, Italy. It's always been a dream of mine. But with hard work comes success! (:

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