Margaret brigh Malone

9 years old

Hi, My name is Maggie Malone and I love to swim and dance. I've made a lot of different things but one of the coolest things I have made is called Hony. It's a rendering of a 3D model. One of the reasons I made this was because I liked Honey bees. I made this in the middle of March 2014 and it only took me around 4 hours to make. I worked on it in the NanoLab at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center. I used a computer and Sketch Up/Maxwell to make it. I learned how to dim the light so it looks like the sun is rising or the sun is setting. Some of the challenges were that I couldn't really make it look like a bee hive. My favorite part was finishing the project because I could see how hard I worked and it looked like a bee hive. My least favorite part was that I couldn't make it exactly like a bee hive.

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3 years ago

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