(Let's get weird)

We changed things up a bit from the original plan.. please let us know if you plan to make it... or don't and just show up!! That's cool too :)

When: Saturday evening, around 7ish (PM)

Where: If you don't have anything going on early in the evening, feel free to meet us at our new apartment. If you want to come out later in the evening, text me and I will let you know where we are. One place we for sure will visit is the Literary Cafe' which is right across the street from our place. Map below contains the address. Use this address for finding our apartment or Literary Cafe.

We'll keep it casual... we can walk down to other Tremont bars if the mood strikes us. But we want to go to this bar for sure bc... well, some of you have heard the rumors already... it's been called the "Unicorn of Tremont" (see yelp review linked below).

Why: Because it's Dan's friggen Birthday! And he's friggen 30!!

The Food Situation: There are lots of bars that sell food in the neighborhood. I think we will plan to eat some food beforehand, but there's a good chance we will order apps while we're out too.

Who: The more the merrier.. invite friends, family and co-workers. We don't care!

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