Principles of the Declaration

Written and illustrated by Austin Coale

The unalienable rights

     Unalienable rights are something tht can't be taken away from birth, which are liberty, pursuit of happieness, and life.

Government by consent

     We the people give the government consent by us voting who we want to run this country and to take action and stuff its mostly our ran by us people on our opinions.

Government needing consent?

   Yes, the government needs our consent because if they do something that us people don't like then a bunch of people will probably riot and start a big problem. So that is why we vote on stuff instead of them make a decision and it being a bad idea.

Incharge of our Inalienable Rights

The government is responsible for our unalienable to an extint since because the way our government is set up, but also we are to. We the people are in charge of our own rights. Yes our government may say they are incharge of us but really we are incharge of ourselves.

Outdated Unalienable Rights?

I honeslty beleive they are still true today because we still vote for the consent of the government, we still have laws and also follow them. So my opinion is yeah we still use them today.

Principles matter!

  Yes but no. They matter to me because we still use some of the Unalienable rights but also im not an adult so I don't even think they matter right now.

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