My dream destination is California

Why California?

My dream destination is California because it has a beautiful landscape and it has many sightseeing places like

*Pfeiffer Beach

*Santa Cruz

*Lava tube caves

*the Big Sur

And many places more

Facts about California

*It's the most populous U.S. state, home to 38 million people.

*It's the third largest state after Alaska and Texas.

*It's capital city is Sacramento.

*It contains both, the highest and lowest point of contiguous United States(Mount Whitney and Death Walley)

*It has the 3rd longest coastline of all states after Alaska and Florida

*In California only 57.9% of people speak english`

*California's motto : Eureka

I think California has a beautiful landscape and so many places that you just cant visit them in one trip.You will never get bored there , because its landscape it consists of everything any person needs : many beaches , deserts, woods, mountains, valleys, falls and many more places.

Thank You for listening!