Majed Abdeljaber Founded American International Staffing, Inc.

Majed Abdeljaber is a highly experienced and skilled business entrepreneur who has founded many successful companies in the United States. With the establishment of number of companies, he has proved his proficiency in the various niche of business. Out of number of companies he founded, one is American International Staffing, Inc. in 2011 which is counted amongst one of the most reputed staffing agencies in the country. The main aim behind founding this organization is to connect the employers with the world's best talented candidates and vice-versa.

American International Staffing, Inc. stands out of the crowd in the US because Majed Abdeljaber sponsors Foreign Nationals with advanced degrees in many specialized fields, such as – Information Technology, Finance, Accounting, Healthcare, etc. He designs and implements the unique recruitment strategies for the placement of Foreign Nationals with U.S. Corporations; reviews the work performed by staff attorneys and legal assistants on behalf of the firms' clients; and performs extensive research in labor certification processes, immigration-related hiring processes and/or H-1B regulations. Majed Abdeljaber keeps himself updated about the latest information and knowledge which has been introduced related to his fields, so that he can provide the best services to the clients in an efficient manner. Many talented candidates have been placed by his company so far.

Majed Abdeljaber is a Executive Director of American International Staffing, Inc. and performs the job of overseeing the financial growth and future growth of the company. In addition to this, he has hired a dedicated team of professionals and knowledgeable personnel who has great experience in the human resource management. These professionals leave no stone unturned to meet the particular needs of the clients. The testimonials posted by his clients on the internet clearly indicates the high level of satisfaction he is able to provide them. Apart from this, he also screens resumes, selects candidates for first round interviews, handles reference checks, goes through drug screening logistics, and facilitate discussions with the hiring authority regarding which candidate is suitable for a particular position. He also works in simultaneously with the Compensation department to ensure that appropriate salary offers are being determined for the employees.

Some of the other companies that Majed Abdeljaber has established are – Nation Auto Group; American Immigration Law Center, Inc.; Jaber and Associates, PC; and Sahara's Holding Company, Inc. He has graduated from James Madison University with appreciable GPA. He has obtained several federal law license from various courts across the nation.

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