Majed Abdeljaber's Remarkable Professional Journey Speaks Volumes About His Proficiency

Majed Abdeljaber is a successful business professional, whose remarkable professional journey speaks volumes about his proficiency. He is the founder of many well-known companies in the United States, including – Sahara’s Holding Company, Inc.; American International Staffing, Inc., Nation Auto Group; American Immigration Law Center, Inc.; and Jaber and Associates, PC. Through his incredible business management skills and unwavering commitment, he has played the major role in the success of all his firms.

The most interesting part is that each of the companies owned by Majed Abdeljaber belongs to a different sector. For instance, Sahara’s Holding Company, Inc., a company that he established in 2002 manufactures pure dead sea beauty products; American Immigration Law Center, Inc. is dedicated to handling the immigration requirements related to work permits & visa processing for international travel; & Jaber and Associates, PC aims to assist refugees and asylees through reliable immigration assistance. Likewise, the other companies Majed founded too have a different business objective.

Nation Auto Group is the next on the list of companies Majed Abdeljaber established. It is a wholesale automobile export division that buys as well as sells automobiles. In 2011, he laid the foundation of American International Staffing, Inc. to meet the staffing needs of employers looking for talented and dedicated candidates. Unlike several other staffing agencies in the country, Majed decided to sponsor Foreign Nationals with advanced degrees in specialized fields, like – Accounts, Healthcare, Information Technology, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, etc. This helped him become the premier choice of numerous employers within a few months of his company's founding. Today, he caters to a wide segment of companies in the US, which includes both start-up as well as established business firms.

Not only American International Staffing, Inc., but all his companies have gone from strength to strength since their founding. Besides his proficiency as a business professional, there is one more aspect of his personality that not many people know and i.e. his benevolence. Being a kindhearted man, he supports many charitable causes by donating his precious time as well as money. He believes that helping the poor and destitute is one of the best ways to give back to the community. Owing to the humanitarian work that Majed Abdeljaber has provided for the Jordanian citizens as non-profit, the Jordanian Government has offered him the opportunity to become their Honorary Counselor in the United States.

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