Majed Nader Abdeljaber Has Established Many Successful Companies

Before beginning his professional career, Mr. Abdeljaber successfully completed his education. He earned his Associate Business/Pre-Law, B.S. Pre-Law, B.S. Law, and Juris Doctorate Law and he currently holds a license in Federal Law in many states in the U.S. as well as internationally.

Mr. Abdeljaber is a business professional who has established many successful companies in the United States. He is the Executive Director of American International Staffing, Inc., a reputed recruitment agency in the U.S. He is committed to providing talented candidates to employers and career boosting opportunities to job seekers. Serving as the Executive Director, he oversees the financial management, future growth and expansion plans for the company. He is actively involved in communicating with the prospective job seeker as well as the client (employers).

Mr. Abdeljaber is he Executive Director and founder of Nation Auto Group, a Texas based company known for offering a wide range of both new and used cars to buyers in the U.S. and internationally.

As the founder of AILC, Inc., Mr. Abdeljaber consults with staff attorneys and their legal staff with all immigration related analysis and guidance on behalf of their clients. This company specializes in handling immigration requirements related to employment authorization and international travel for Foreign Nationals.

As the founder of Jaber and Associates, Mr. Abdeljaber established this company to assists refugees and asylee’s throughout the world by providing them with reliable and intelligent immigration assistance.

Majed Nader Abdeljaber also founded the company Sahara’s Holding Company, Inc. dba Sahara’s Secret which manufactures pure Dead Sea beauty products. Research has shown that these products reduce wrinkles by 40% and stimulate blood circulation and assist in detoxifying skin by removing impurities. The Dead Sea is renowned for its therapeutic properties. Legend has it that Queen of Sheba “Cleopatra” gave credence to the Dead Sea’s mystical healing power. With 33.7% salinity, the Dead Sea is one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water. Mr. Abdeljaber established a factory in Amman, Jordan to produce the natural Dead Sea beauty products. This factory is located near the Holy river Jordan. In 2006 he established his second factory in the U.S. in Irving, Texas. Dead Sea minerals, and mud were imported into the U.S. to develop the natural beauty product lines for the U.S. consumer. Please visit our website or

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