by: Claire Mumm!!!!!!!!!!!!

CONSERVATION OF MOMENTUM- a conservation law that says you cant lose momentum, it has to go somewhere.

MOMENTUM- the quality of motion of a moving body, measured as a quality of its mass and velocity.( momentum= mass*velocity )

Why is the letter P used in place of momentum?

P is used because the word "impetus" formally in place of "momentum" comes from the latin, "petere," to go towards or rush that is where  we get "P"

Fun Fact: A heavy  moving van can have the same momentum as a small motorcylce if the van is going very slow and the motorcyle is going fast!!!

elastic collision-no kinetic energy is lost. All of that energy is still in the object, so they say the energy was conserved.

inelastic collision-some of the energy will be lost to heat  or sound or light or some other energy. The thing to remember is that the total energy didn't change, but some of it escaped into the air, ground, etc.

This supports elastic collision because the ball bounces back off the guys head
This is an example of an inelastic collision.

If you threw a piece of clay on the ground, it would be inelastic collision because the clay does not bounce back up off the floor, it lost its sound energy.

ANGULAR MOMENTUM- the quantity of rotation of a body, which is the product of its moment of inertia and its angular velocity.

Angular momentum relates to space because ,nebulae, stars, black holes, and planets all have angular momentum, and they all spin around(the planets spin around the sun).

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