Make Customers Feel Valued With Contact Options

Customer retention is essential for businesses of all types, but in industries where profit margins are low and competition is high, it is often the key to not just success but the ability to survive as a company. Without grocery customer recovery, grocers may see the costs of attracting new customers eating through any profit they may make due to the thin margins these businesses operate on.

A major source of customer recovery challenges to grocers is that many individuals will not report a problem to an employee when it occurs. Whether a store is out of a product or someone felt the store was understaffed, more than nine out of 10 people won't say anything while they are at a location. Underscoring this problem is that even if someone does report the issue, a store manager may not have time to appropriately use customer recovery techniques or resolve the issue to the customer's satisfaction.

While managers and employees are both required to support and assist shoppers, the reality is these jobs also encompass many other tasks that prevent them from spending most of their time assisting dissatisfied customers. The solution to this problem is to take advantage of customer feedback and recovery services.

Third party services are very cost effective, have a high return on investment and can provide representatives whose job is to deal with and resolve customer issues. Top customer service companies have multiple contact options, such as live agent call centers and email support, that are available at all times, day or night.

A key component of retention is making individuals feel valued, and a variety of contact options and representatives who take the time to listen to and assist someone are essential to solid grocery customer recovery rates.

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