Make Fun of this screening.

The best (and only) movie about Cleveland comedy ever made is back.

Cleveland funded, filmed and cultivated.

Make Fun: The Greatest Movie About Cleveland Comedy Ever Made explores the growth of stand-up comedy in Cleveland through a series of vignettes, interviews, looks into the comedians' lives and clips from stand-up performances. The film, produced and hosted by Jim Tews and Ramon Rivas II, premiered at Accidental Comedy Festival in late 2013 and is back for a screening in Cleveland.

See it on Wednesday, Jan. 22.

Only 60 tickets remain for the screening on Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014, 6 p.m. at Great Lakes Brewing Company (2701 Carroll Ave). Tickets are $10.

Admission includes a GLBC draft beer, Campbell's Sweets popcorn and a movie! Q&A follows the film, with Chucklefck's Ramon Rivas II, director of photography Don Pavlish and comedian Mike Polk. Jim Tews will Skype.