Day 1- Compton

On day 1 we made robots out of lego and clay. Then we are going to 3d print them later.

Day 2

We made castles out of boxes, legos, and clay. And at the end of the maker camp we will print them. In the castle my idea was the draw bridge our award was most realistic because we had things that were in real castles.

Day 3

We made people out of squares for our warm up, he looks like Tien off of Dbz. Then told people what our inspiration was in building them.

Day 4

We drew pictures on what we are going to 3-D print. On what we already had and what we want to print. And nametags that have our names on it.

Day 5

Today we built sand castles using tinkercad. We also posted them on our tackk account .My castle looks like a house with a shed but it is a castle with two stories and a peasant house with a mini pool.

sand castle s

Day 6


Today we made houses. we also made blue prints of what we made which was our house or whatever  image you had. all of the pieces will be used for my house.

Day 7

Today we made a mars space base. i made a mars roger rabbit spaceship that has a blue color. I also made bunny ears on an egg head and it also flies fast.

Day 8

I made pool that has a jakoozie

Day 9

I made  a Pokemon from the Pokemon black and white book. This Pokemon is specifically called Lampent. I picked it because it looked cool. Lampent is ghost and fire type and can use overheat.

I really like my mustache man and you can find it here.